Conveyance (Buy and sell)


Buying a property in Spain can be a very straightforward transaction, but if left to chance you could find yourself caught in lengthy litigation and financial difficulty.

Just as if you were buying property in your country, you need to seek independent Spanish legal advice to ensure your conveyance runs smoothly an that the Spanish property you are buying is a lawful development of land.

Our lawyers carry out an exhaustive study of the property of interest to our client and provide detailed information as to any charges, outstanding payments and all such taxes the property may be liable to when purchased first-hand or second-hand. The conditions of sale are scrutinized to avoid any abuse of our clients’ interests and to ensure the most favorable conditions possible.

We can help guide you through the necessary pre-purchase enquiries in respect of title and compliance with planning rules, to help you avoid fines, force demolition. We can also assist in negotiating the purchase price of your chosen property , drafting a private purchase agreement and paying your deposit to the vendor on your behalf for secure the transaction.

In the case of off-plan purchases, we verify the legal standing of the construction company and ensure that the construction under progress is properly and legally authorized.

Other services include our accompanying the clients to the Notary Offices, translation, registering the property at the Land Registry, payment of taxes arising from the purchase and dealing with any problems that may arise during the whole process.

For those clients who require a mortgage, we are able to advise them as to the most suitable options, and to negotiate favorable conditions with the financial entities. Should clients so wish, we can also arrange for Powers of Attorney to be drawn up, and thus avoid undue inconvenience to the client, while always protecting his or her interests to the fullest extent.

Selling: If you are intending to sell your Spanish property and have already identified a purchaser, then you will almost certainly want to secure a deposit for the sale. We can draft a private agreement that is tailored to the transaction and can coordinate all parties to ensure that the sale moves swiftly towards completion. Once a deposit has been paid and your sale is secured it will be your responsibility, or that of the estate agent working on your behalf, to provide all necessary documentation to facilitate completion of the sale.

If you are not able to be present at the day of completion, we will be able to represent you at the meeting, sign completion documentation on your behalf, receive the purchase monies and transfer net funds to you either in Spain or elsewhere. We ensure all debts associated with the property are cleared. We can help you with the Energy Performance Certificate and the Habitation Certificate, both compulsory and to be handed over to the buyer, by engaging trustworthy technical firms we collaborate with at an affordable price.

In case you are British and want to avoid losing money when the exchange rate is applicable we can save you money by introducing you to a reliable and experienced Currency Company which will clearly explain the procedure.

Conveyance (Buy and sell)

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