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Albion Legal Bureau is a firm of English-speaking Spanish Lawyers which is devoted to solving any problems its foreign customers may have with Spanish Law, both here in Spain or in the client’s own country.

We seek to break down those cultural or linguistic barriers which may arise and which may lead to mistrust, doubts or insecurity when setting up in a foreign country.

Our work is based on trust, efficiency and a long experience in dealing with all legal matters related to private law, and especially those relating to real estate.

Our clients include purchasers of property, investors and promoters who seek fully guaranteed legal guidance in their operations.

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Your English-speaking lawfirm in the south-east of Spain.


We currently have two offices, one in on the Orihuela coast and the other in the city of Murcia. Both offer easy parking nearby and have good and easy access. We can also attend to our clients in other offices belonging to our associates.

In the event that it should be necessary, we would travel to the company or to the client’s address without any additional costs within the Alicante and Murcia provinces.



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