Tax and fiscal advice and representation

To ensure that you are aware of your tax liabilities it is essential for you to seek independent legal advice, to be sure you are aware of what tax you have to pay and when it is due.

We can help you understand your liability regarding your income tax in Spain in relation to any pension, property, employment, or business income that you may receive.

We deal with Income Tax for non-residents, capital gains tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax and transfer tax filling up the legal forms and informing our clients about the tax exemptions and reliefs and helping them to minimize lawfully their liability to tax.

As non-resident in Spain, the client needs to give a fiscal representation to a trustworthy Spanish resident and in most cases his own lawyer so he can act on the client’s behalf of all matters relating to taxation.

Our lawyers will attend on demand to any legal or fiscal queries our clients may have and will, on request of the client, prepare full reports on any legal issues required, especially so prior to the purchase of any property. Should clients prefer, they can, for a small monthly fee, contract our services on a permanent basis. Likewise, for an annual fee, we can provide fiscal representation for non residents and attend to all issues regarding tax in accordance with the Law.

Advice/preparation of non-resident taxes, resident taxes, SUMA, etc. 80€ p.p