Wills and Inheritance

If you have invested in a property in Spain, hold money in a Spanish bank account or have any other assets situated in the country such as a car or a boat it is strongly advisable to make a Spanish will.

The main reason to do so is that it will make it much easier for the beneficiaries of your estate to administer it upon your death. The benefit of making a Spanish will is that the inheritance procedure is straightforward and less costly than if the beneficiaries of your estate are relying on a foreign will or have no will worldwide which implies waiting for long inheritance procedures to get the Probate or similar document along with its legalization and translation into Spanish.

We can draw up wills in both Spanish and foreign language (English, French and Swedish mainly)and register these in accordance with Spanish Law.

We can prepare all such documents as are necessary, act as executors of the will and provide the heirs with advice as to their best options under Spanish Law and its heir apparent system.

We can offer help and advice on payment of death duties and the differences between the Spanish and other foreign legal systems and requirements.

We carry out all the necessary procedures so we can declare the inheritance of the deceased, including by way of a Power of Attorney that we prepare ourselves. We also contact, if need be, the foreign authorities in order to make it easier for the client the obtainment of any document that may be required in the legal process of the inheritance, of the closure of bank accounts, insurance policies or direct debits.

WILLS 80.00 p.p.

Inclusive of translation, preparation of tax for one heir (100 euro more for extra heir) and land registry registration 900.00